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In Pursuit of Mastery

Learning and mastery are higher level human needs . Mastery involves both learning and doing. Mastery is the "Ri" level in Shu-Ha-Ri . Mastery requires a lot of trial and error. I recently bought a skateboard.  I haven't owned a skateboard since I was about 15.  It was a little scary getting on it at first.  But it came back, like riding a bike. I ride regular, with my left foot forward, pushing with my right foot.  I had tried goofy--right foot forward--for variety, but couldn't get the hang of it.  But on my first day with my new toy I went too far and hurt my right achilles.  So I couldn't ride anymore unless I rode goofy.  That required that I start over.  I had to learn to balance with my right foot forward.  Had to learn to push with my left foot.  Had to learn to carve by leaning in a way that felt unnatural. I was unsteady.  Self-conscious.  Scared that I might injure myself. As I rode around the neighborhood, I had to concentrate on what I