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Engineering Managers, Directors and VPs in Agile

Most guidance on Agile is directed at team members in such roles as Product Owner, Team Member (including developer, QA engineer, and UI/UX designer), and Scrum Master.  This leaves some with the impression that there is no place in Agile for traditional organizational leadership roles with manager or director titles. On the contrary, people in manager, director, and VP roles are essential to the success of an Agile organization.  To be effective, they need to practice discipline, discernment, and discretion Discipline – through Lean/Agile Governance principles and practices IT Governance happens, intentionally or otherwise.  Agile leaders should be deliberate in creating the right degree of formal governance for their organization that will allow teams to thrive.  A recent survey by Scott Ambler and Associates found that Agile Governance has a significant effect on creating conditions that allows Agile teams to thrive. Discernment – by participating in as many