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Chatbot Code of Ethics

NYTimes article describes efforts by a consortium of the largest technology companies to create ethical standards for AI. A related article in MIT Technology Review is titled AI Wants to Be Your Bro, Not Your Foe. Artificial Intelligence has reached a level of sophistication, and is on the brink of being so pervasive, that we can have these serious conversations.
In my work developing AI-powered chatbots to assist with learning, I work within the bounds of these 7 precepts: Right View - our chatbots honor humanity, human dignity, and the human quest for knowledge, understanding and technological innovationRight Intention - our chatbots promote human progress in the areas of intellectual pursuits and personal ethical developmentRight Speech - our chatbots use encouraging, prudent, and situationally appropriate languageRight Action - our chatbots perform with integrity toward the aforementioned right view and intentionRight Livelihood - our …