Product Owner Calendar

Over the years I've worked on a way to represent a typical PO calendar.  Having a cadence to work helps a PO organize herself to be able to accomplish more of the wide range of activities required of her.

The PO's job requires her to think and act at higher strategic levels as well as in day-to-day tactical mode.  It requires that she get out of the building to meet with and observe end users of her product, and also to get around inside the building to meet with internal stakeholders to communicate with them.  And she has to engage with the team regularly throughout the Sprint to accept work, resolve issues and concerns, answer questions, give praise and encouragement, and get vital feedback from those with hands on keys developing solutions.

Here's my latest attempt (or check it out here as a Google sheet):
PO Calendar for 1+ Sprints
Here's how to read it:

The Phase/Level column puts activities into one of these phases or levels:

  • Discovery Phase
  • Backlog Maintenance Level
  • Sprint Level
  • Epic/Deliverable Level 
The Day row numbers days within each Sprint

X marks in cells indicate how a PO might distribute her time over the course of a typical Sprint among various activities.  


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