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Becoming Agile - Planning in An Environment with A Command and Control Culture

A colleague recently related to me his experience working with a client to make changes in the annual planning and budgeting process to support the Scrum framework that development teams follow at his company.  The client is a mid-size and growing eCommerce company.  They had a dozen scrum teams that had been functioning for a little under a year when they brought my friend Dave in to help during the company's annual strategic planning and budgeting cycle. He identified these elements as essential to a successful Agile planning effort at enterprise scale at the maturity level at which the company found itself: Product Owners versed in the company's strategic objectives for the next 12 months Software development managers with a sense of architectural direction for the technology on which products were built IT operations managers with a roadmap for a more scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructure A team of Scrum Masters/project managers, constituting the company's PMO,