Company Culture and Agile

A company's culture is, in the words of William Schneider, "how we do things around here to succeed."

The Schneider Culture Model define four distinct cultures:
  1. Collaboration culture is about working together.
  2. Control culture is about getting and keeping control.
  3. Competence culture is about being the best.
  4. Cultivation culture is about learning and growing with a sense of purpose.

In this presentation, Michael Sahota discusses Schneider's company culture model and how Agile approaches fit in each distinct culture.  He does the same analysis in this blogpost.

He places Agile characteristics in the quadrants used in Schneider's company culture model, where the x axis has at its ends Reality (top) and Potential (bottom), and the y axis has on the left end, People, and on the right end, Company.

Then he overlays Agile approaches on the matrix to show which approaches may be best aligned with company culture, and suggests that leading with the appropriate approach is most likely to result in a successful transformation:


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