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Signs That A Planning Meeting Isn't Going Well

Lots of churn - talking about scenarios that have not already been considered; there is a feeling that every scenario, regardless of how unlikely one may be, must be given considerationAdding features and getting SWAGsLosing focus - frequent digressions, squirrels, going down sidetracks, etc.Paralysis - everything requires consensus; no one makes a decision; all points of view have equal weight/valueTrying to put 10 lbs of sand into a 5-lb bag.  There are too many items, so instead of reviewing a prioritized list of features with estimates, the group looks at the entire product backlog and arbitrarily manipulates scope, efforts, resources, etc. to create the predetermined release scenarioPeople other than SW devs and SQE design technical solutions and estimate effort for their contrived solutions (e.g., "it shouldn't be hard to . . . . "; "it would be easy just to . . . ")